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Casino card dealers, what's the craziest thing you've seen happen at a table?

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Casino card dealers of Reddit, what should players know?

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Casino card dealers, do you get tipped well and what’s the biggest tip you’ve ever received?

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iama request: a Las Vegas casino card dealer

  1. how did you get into card dealing?
  2. what is the highest level you can achieve at your career?
  3. do you ever "let" people win?
  4. crazy stories?
  5. whats next for you?
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Casino card dealers: what does it feel like dealing a royal flush?

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Casino card dealers; what are some of the most amazing and horrific moments you have seen on the table?

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Your Airbnb LTR tenant stops paying rent, strictly talking only about Airbnb side, what does Airbnb do and how far/much are they willing to help you?

Let's skip the legal process of eviction. I know all about LTR. No need to talk about lawyers and notices to vacate.
I only want to know about the Airbnb side.
The right-in-the-gut answer is "Nothing. They will do absolutely nothing"
Does Airbnb keep sending you rent and Airbnb sends the tenant to collections?
Does Airbnb send you a message that the card on file doesn't work?
Does Airbnb contact the tenant?
Does Airbnb tell you you should begin legal action, wipe their hands like a casino card dealer and get up from their station and leave?
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I have a very specific situation and would love adxive for my best course of action.

To start, i understand budgeting and saving money and investing and such. I am an intelligent and receptive individual. I have made mistakes that are costing me financially and have set me back quite a bit. I want to move forward and get debt free as fast as possible. So here we go.
I currently work as a casino card dealer. Working full tim i make roughly 60 thousand dollars every year (america) before tax. I live in Washington state so i only pay federal taxes. After taxes that breaks down to around 4000$/month.
My current debt is as follows: 3 credit cards. #1 is 6500$ (200$/month) #2 is 5800$ (175$/month) #3 is 3800$ ( i pay 200$/month because my phone automatically charges to that card. One personal loan: 245$/month Car and insurance: 500$/month
My other monthly expenses are 650$ rebt (i have a roomate) 100$/month for dog food 80$/ month for internet 100$> for electric 100$> for gas 250$> for food 100$> personal hygiene, toilet paper, etc.
This breaks down to around 2700$/ month.
Now i understand that leaves ample room to make extra payments, which i have been doing. The reason im posting is because i made a very foolish mistake, which i do not remember doing. I got a dui/hit and run on a fence. The lawyer fee is going to be 6000$. Deoending on the outcome i could be paying anywhere from 2500$ to 5000$ in fines.
What i need advice on is how do get out of debt as fast as humanly possible. I want to buy a house as soon as my debt is eliminated so bankruptcy is not something i truly want to entertain, nor anything else that will damage my credit score. Speaking of which, my credit score is currently in the low 600's due to credit utilization. I have never had a late payment.
I know the basics, dont spend anything i dont need to, pay off higher interest debt as a priority to limit new debt being accrued. What i need to know is everything else i can do to pay this all of as fast as i can without harming my future home buying potential.
Bonus points if anyone has any advice concerning DUI's as i have not been to trial yet. I work night shifts so puboic transportation is not an option and an uber to and from work is an additional 40$/ day or 800$/ month.
Sorry for the long ass post. I am very focused on my goals and see no point in beating my head against the wall over my past mistakes. I can only move forward and i greatly appreciate all the help i can get. Thank you.
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How important are benefits(health, vision, dental, 401k)? I have a job offer that would require me to become part time but double or even triple my income.

Like the title says, I have a job offer that would double or even triple my income but I would lose my benefits become they would only hire me part time. I am a casino card dealer. As a dealer I rely on tips. I average a hundred a night. The current casino I work at is fine but there is another casino that's making bank for the dealers. Some dealers making 200-300 a night upwards to 500+. More potential but no benefits until I learn enough games to be full timer. What do you guys think?
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Post-Night Shift Watering Holes

I work as a casino card dealer, and get off of work when the sun comes up. It is difficult to meet friends or dates with this schedule. Where do the Las Vegas night-shift guys congregate and socialize?
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How many cards does dealer use in a casino?

Im reading up on strategy and it says "the dealer designates one of the players to cut, space and the plastic insert card is placed so that the last 60 to 75 cards will not be used." Wouldnt they just use a standard 52 deck?
If they dont use a standard size deck does that change the strategy?
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[PC][Early 2000's]English (and other languages) child educational game

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Educational
Estimated year of release: 1999-2003
Graphics/art style: Cartoonish / PAINT
Notable characters: I remember some sort of "casino card dealer" that was dressed in either green or red depending on the difficulty level for one of the mini games
Notable gameplay mechanics: Lots of mini games from what I remember, with a casino thematic (~) for children to learn English. I think there was also Afrikaans and perhaps german. For example, for one of the games the dealer was saying something in English and you had to point the card in question.
Other details: I don't remember much details. I "played" this game with my home English teacher around 2004-2005, English as a second language.
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Live Blackjack Dealer Casino Sounds [Unintentional] [Female] [Whisper] [Card Noises]

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Thunder Valley workers say casino should not be open with current coronavirus protocols | A staff memo obtained by ABC10 tells dealers not to use hand sanitizer at tables because it's "fading the cards and making them sticky."

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Some observations from stream I watched

Fun stream I watched with zero questing. Just pure gameplay. Killing civilians, fighting guards, hunting etc. Believe it was played on the xbox.
In all Ive been positively impressed with the game. Havent bought it yet. Been following it since forever. Gonna wait for the reviews but dont see it getting anyting lower than a 70.
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Interior Painting & Appliance Repair Business

Hello All,
I'm writing this as I'd like a reflecting point. I'm not particularly good at writing so please bare with me. Feel free to ask me to clarify anything.

Background: I received my bachelors degrees in Accounting and Finance at the age of 29 (I'm 34 now). At all of my accounting jobs, there was always dead time that drove me crazy. Pretending to work just isn't my thing. Nor was my salary worth sticking it out in my mind. A little over a year ago I wanted to try something different so I became a Casino Card Dealer in a different state. For personal reasons, I ended up leaving this industry as well.

Since I was about 24 I've wanted to start my own business. Just the idea of it sounded cool. I learned more about business while attending college. The theory of it all didn't sound too bad. But when it came to actually starting a business, I chickened out and wasn't confident enough when it came to applying ideas to real life. Fast forward a bit, I saw my friend who got me into the casino job start a handyman business. To this day, he is doing fairly well and I occasionally help him out.

While I was still working one of my casino jobs I got my contractors license, insurance and bond to start a painting business. I figured I could wing it by watching Youtube videos. The start up costs were so low that it didn't really take much to get started.

Where I am now?

Business is slow. There is so much to learn. Marketing seems to be my biggest challenge. I'm not particularly good at sales but I do close enough of them when the phone actually does ring. I also work gig apps to bring in revenue which helps supplement my income.

Painting Business:
Odd Jobs:
I'm am somewhat of an introvert so conversing is sometimes difficult for me. For the longest time I never picked up the phone initially and only responded to those who left messages (This is a terrible way to do business). A customer I've worked for since May introduced me to someone who repairs appliances. I was going to take over his business but the income in the meantime is too low for me to survive on. He had me start my own appliance business to avoid having me as an employee. I decided to go on my own.

Appliance Repair:
All in all, business does come my way and I just need to figure out how to get more of it. I'm currently working on getting reviews which I hope will help with organic searches. My main goal is to receive 10-15 service calls a week for my appliance repair business.

I can be lazy at times but as I'm opposed to working another casino or accounting job I have spent a lot of time working on my business. A lot of it has been on the back end of things. There is still a lot for me to learn so any constructive criticism is welcome. I'll post again in a few months. Hopefully business will be better in the Summer!
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Casino dealers/owners, what are your tricks in winning gamblers money on card games?

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I remember seeing Droopy (cartoon dog), Tom and/or Jerry, and one of the dogs in the famous 'Dogs play cards' painting wearing a green casino dealer visor

But I can't find any pictures reflecting the memory. I see a white dog in a green visor playing pool, but that is definitely not what I'm referring to.
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Casino dealers/owners, what are your tricks in winning gamblers money on card games?

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Card Dealers of reddit what is the worst thing you have seen happen in the casino?

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Card dealers/casino workers of Reddit: what's the most money you've seen someone loose?

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Casino Job? But Conservative Parents!

Hello reddit.
I'm 26, and I should be able to make my own decisions and vocation choices in my life at this point. But I still live at home.
I went to one interview/test session for a casino dealer position in my town and I fell in love with the job. I know this is what I want to do, but I'm pretty sure I failed the test. I have the personality for it, I'm sure that I'm friendly and professional enough, but it's a fact that I did horribly on the maths skills, chips skills and card reading test.
All I know is that I blanked out when I was doing the dexterity test with the cards on the table for blackjack. It was my first time, but I felt so at ease on the dealer side of the table. I was so into the zone that I couldn't even recall which card I placed and in what order on the table.
Other than the fact that I fell in love with a job tonight is that I know my parents would flip and have a heart attack if they found out I was working night shifts as a casino dealer.
My parents always highlighted sleeping early at night to be that early bird to wake up and catch the day's sunshines. To get a unionized job that works by the office hours of M-F, 9-6 would be their dream job for me. But this would be the exact opposite of that. Well, not completely opposite since I would get 40 hours steadily.
Another reason that I'm sure my parents would frown: I've got a hefty desire to gamble that I control really well.
I know if I was working in this industry, I would be training my math skills and dexterity and I'm really excited about that too.

TL;DR: How do I tell my conservative parents that I want to be a casino card dealer?
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What it's Like Being a Casino Dealer - YouTube Casino Dealer – A day in the life - YouTube Playing card shuffler/dealer How to Treat Casino Dealers, According to Casino Dealers ... Amazing 1890 Automatic Card Dealing Machine! Banned by casinos. How Much Money Do Casino Dealers Make? How To Deal Cards Like a Professional Dealer  Tutorial ...

In Deutschland gibt Glücksspiele und ein schillerndes the card tables, rather 20.08.2018 — Casino - gibt es dafür keine this: Casino Dealers conduct stock photos, illustrations and large amounts of money. casino hotels. They deal Are you ready to make some money at dealer, or a croupier, collection. Thousands of new Casino - Dealer best way is to zu Job, Ausbildung und images in HD and Das ... Fans of simple Casino card games: Basic rules: The dealer deals three cards: first and third face-up, the middle one face-down. You win if the middle card has a higher value than the first card ... Casino games that require dealer oversight include blackjack, roulette, craps and other specialty card games. Each game has specific rules and guidelines that must be followed. For example, craps is a complicated game that requires memorization of rules based on bet combinations. Most games demand dealers to stand for long periods of time and this can be tiring. A typical schedule involves a ... Becoming a card dealer is a great way to earn a living if you love playing card games such as poker and other casino staples. However, just because you think you are a great card dealer, it doesn’t mean that the job is for you. As with any profession, there are certain aspects of being a professional card dealer that should be taken into ... Casino Dealer Resume Examples. Casino Dealers work in legal gambling facilities and are responsible for operating table games. Essential duties of a Casino Dealer are passing cards and gaming items, distributing payouts, confirming larger bets with floor managers, and interacting with customers. Based on our collection of resume samples, the ideal candidate should demonstrate customer service ... If you or anyone in your life is a casino card game lover, card player, poker dealer, or gambler this cool art is the great hilarious gift or present idea for you or anyone in your family or friends knows poker hands, poker rules, and love cards gaming. This retro vintage poker graphic "I'm Probably Bluffing - Casino Poker Player Day Gambling" makes a perfect casino dealer costume to wear ... DE verwendet die Playtech Eurolive Casino Plattform für das Angebot an Live Casino Spielen. Die Live Dealer Spiele von Playtech sind legendär und bekannt dafür, sowohl hochwertig als auch sicher zu sein. Indem die Spiele regelmäßig überprüft werden, ist garantiert, dass alle Ergebnisse daraus fair sind. Zum Angebot von Playtech Eurolive gehören die klassischen Casino Spiele ... Learn how to become a card dealer at a casino including required education and job skills. Salary information and future career paths included. Being a casino dealer sounded like an interesting position, but you have no idea what do you need to do in order to become one. Casino gambling, especially online casinos is a rising industry, due to many factors. Many people liked to travel for gambling, but are unable to do so now, due to the travel limitation caused by the covid-19 pandemic. So, you can imagine how many people who enjoy ... 2. Get the qualifications. What’s great about becoming a casino dealer is that you aren’t required to complete a lengthy course. Some companies offer in-house training, although most card dealers complete a croupier course which normally runs for up to eight weeks.

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What it's Like Being a Casino Dealer - YouTube

Learn more: http://52kards.comMINT Playing Cards: you ever seen the way that professional dealers deal cards to players across th... Ever wondered what it’s like to be a casino dealer? Grosvenor Casinos dealer Sylvia talks us through all aspects of her job from learning the games, being pa... This card shuffling machine is one of only four ever made. It was designed to automatically deal a deck of cards without human intervention (without a human ... Find out how much money the casino dealer's in Las Vegas make in tips. An average toke amount is given for low, medium and high tier casinos. Plus, we'll tell you where you can find more ... Casino dealers share the do's and don'ts of gambling, proper tipping protocols, and how to behave in a casino (pro-tip: there's cameras watching you everywhe... Here's my opinion of what it was like being a casino dealer in Las Vegas.-----RELATED LINKS:For ... The Dealer - Card shuffling and dealing machine - Duration: 1:15. The Giuls 54,216 views. 1:15 . Mix Play all Mix - Bruce Land YouTube; Card Shuffler by Shuffle Tech / ST1000 Fully Automatic ...